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About Us

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We are passionate about dog training. The long days. The early mornings. The rush. The nerves.  The ribbons. The titles. The celebrations after you place in a trial. And of course, the stories that follow.

Hunting Dog Outfitter is an online retailer that operates to serve all of our customers across the United States. We provide dog-training enthusiasts with relevant products that are competitively priced to fit your needs in the field. The success we have experienced with our dogs wouldn’t be possible without using high quality products. All of the brands listed on our website have been selected based on our personal experience with them.

Our goal is to exceed your service expectations and go the extra mile to ensure you have a positive experience when shopping with us.  

We’re available via phone, email and social media to help you get the gear you need. We can answer any questions you may have and even offer advice and first hand knowledge on the gear we have used.

Our Story

Sean always wanted a Chocolate lab that he could train for duck hunting. Fast forward to 2011, a few months before our wedding, Sean came across a liter of Chocolate puppies that he was adamant that we needed to go look at. After we arrived, we discovered that the only puppy that was not spoken for was a giant male that had huge legs, oversized ears, droopy jowls and paws the size of my hand. I immediately said no, we are not bringing home a puppy that is going to be close to 100lbs! After much discussion, I reluctantly agreed to bring home this large, ten week old Chocolate Lab. Of course, he sat on my lap on the ride home and we began discussing what to name him as he was chewing on us, our car and anything within close proximity and than Toby Keith came on the radio. I immediately said, what about Toby? Let's name him Toby! 


With the intention of Toby being a duck dog, we immediately registered him for a local puppy class to get his basic obedience down and from there we met a man that introduced us to UKC events. After Sean attended his first started test with Toby and they earned their first ribbon, he was immediately hooked on the sport and hasn't slowed down since. 

Everyone has a story with where they got started, Toby was ours. He may not have turned out to be the perfect duck dog, but his love of life and his love of retrieving makes up for it. He helped Sean find a hobby he truly enjoys doing. Without him, we would not have met so many wonderful people across the country or started our store, Hunting Dog Outfitter.

We now have four Labradors (and one Boxer that enjoys "training" the Labs when Sean takes a day off) that we actively run AKC Field Trials, Hunt Tests and UKC Events. Retriever training is truly a passion of ours and we hope that reflects throughout our business.