Don's Forever Stainless Dog Stake

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Product Description

Here you can see one of our single dog stakeouts.  Notice that they’ll have a free range of motion, a full 360 degrees, our 24″ chains give them a travel area of 48″ in diameter.  They have plenty of room to sit, stand, sleep, and even eat and drink, but it’s still short enough to keep them out of trouble. Notice too, that our design holds the chain off the ground so your dog is not constantly tripping over it.  You treasure your dogs, why not invest in them with the longest lasting, lowest maintenance dog stakeouts available anywhere?

All stainless – all made in the U.S.A. – and carry a Lifetime Guarantee

There are two secrets to Forever Stainless Dog Stakeouts…
First – Everything is Stainless Steel (Except the brass snap.)
Second – It’s all Made in the U.S.A.  (We’re quite proud of that.)

What’s so special about stainless steel?  The stainless rods go into the ground clean, and come out clean.  That’s right, no more rusty mess to deal with at the end of a long day.  Since all the components are stainless steel, they’ll never rust, not even the chain.  Yep, the post, the cap, the swivel, and the chain are all stainless steel.  Hey, if a stainless snap was better we’d use them too, but brass is the best snap.

No matter whether you’re in the show circuit or you simply want an easy – tangle free – system for staking out your dog at home or on the road, you just can’t beat our line of Forever Stainless Dog Stakeouts.

What more could you ask for?  How about a Lifetime Guarantee?

You got it!  We’re so confident that our stakeouts are the best in the business that we back them up with a Lifetime Guarantee.

If one of our stakeouts ever fails…
just send it back and we’ll repair or replace it FREE

NOTE all warranties are through the manufacturer of the products only.